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Divorce is a difficult process for all parties involved. It’s never something that was expected or a part of your original plan. However, there are circumstances where it ends up being the right solution. As is so often the case in life, though, the right solution can still be difficult. The emotions of divorce can make an already complex process even more of a challenge, which is why it’s so important to have the right Chino Hills divorce lawyer advocating for you.

It’s a divorce lawyer’s job to both guide you through the divorce process and represent you and your interests along the way. However, you want to make sure you’re working with the right lawyer: someone who has both the legal understanding as well as the compassion and care that you deserve in this vulnerable time.

At Steven J. Brown, Attorney At Law, we have extensive experience working with clients through the divorce process. We understand what people need, both in terms of legal help and emotionally. We are ready to help you through a divorce if that’s the right choice for your situation.

Major Elements of California Divorce

A divorce includes many of the most important aspects of family law, but every divorce will involve different aspects. Couples with adult children or no children won’t need to come to child custody or child support agreements, and for certain couples, spousal support will be unnecessary. Some of the potential issues involved in divorce include:

  • Child Custody – Child custody is one of the hardest aspects of a divorce and can often turn contentious. No one wants to have less time with their kids, but in most cases, this is the net result of a divorce. That means that the process of determining how the custody will be arranged can be a difficult process. Both physical custody and legal custody will need to be determined.
  • While a number of different factors are considered in a custody decision, it’s important to recognize the guiding principle for the court will be the best interests of the child. The court will not do or allow anything that they determine not to be in these interests. Therefore, the outcome you seek must be fair to your ex-spouse and your children.
  • Child Support – Here, again, the welfare of the child will be determined to be paramount. There is a uniform guideline formula that will be used to calculate an appropriate child support requirement. Generally, these guidelines will be the primary factor in deciding the child support dynamic, and it can be difficult to persuade a judge to make an alternative ruling.
  • Spousal Support – Spousal support is another possible contentious subject. There is no exact formula that will be used in these cases, although a variety of different factors will be considered. Some of these factors include income, earning potential, contributions to the marriage, and age and health.
  • Property Division – Generally, California attempts to create an equal division of property. However, this is based on the value of the property, and not every item can be split equally. This applies strictly to communal property and not personal property. Determining what belongs to which category can often be a challenging part of the process.

Coming to a Divorce Agreement Through Mediation

Many couples seek to avoid the court process in Chino Hills, CA, and there’s good reason to do so. When a divorce goes to court, it often results in a longer and more expensive process. This can be avoided by instead coming to a divorce agreement through mediation.

In mediation, the lawyers from both parties will sit down and try to find an acceptable compromise on all the major issues of the divorce. Things like property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support will all need to be worked out.

So long as both parties are interested in taking a reasonable approach and are willing to compromise, there can often be agreement found on all the major issues. This, of course, doesn’t mean you’ll receive exactly the outcome you desire, but usually, something fair and acceptable can be agreed upon. One of the advantages of this process is that it gives you more control and say over the outcome than if you left it entirely up to the courts.

Of course, the court is not entirely uninvolved in this process, and they will get a chance to assess what was done. They will be looking to see that what was agreed to was fair. In particular, if there are children involved, the court will want to be certain that anything agreed to was absolutely in the child’s interests.

While these agreements are usually approved by the court, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer working with you, as they will be able to craft something that addresses the court’s major concerns.

A Chino Hills Divorce Lawyer Can Help You Through the Divorce Process

Going through a divorce is a difficult time for anyone. Even when you are certain it’s the right decision, there’s still a tremendous amount of emotion that needs to be processed. The fact that this is often going on at the same time as enormously impactful decisions about your future, property, and children can add to the difficulty of the situation. All this is made all the more difficult thanks to the complexity of things like the property division.

For many people, working with a divorce lawyer can be a significant help. Thankfully, the process is foreign to most people except family lawyers. Most people haven’t gone through a divorce before and won’t go through it again. However, because of the complexity, you can benefit from working with someone who is familiar with all of the challenges involved.

We can help guide you through the process, represent you, advocate for you, and pursue your interests with the sensitivity needed in such a difficult, emotional time. At Steven J. Brown, Attorney At Law, we understand the uniquely challenging nature of the situation and seek to do right by our clients, both legally and emotionally. Contact us for help with your divorce today.

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