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Are You The Dad Or Not The Dad? Don’t Wait Too Long Before Getting Tested

Are You The Dad Or Not The Dad? Don’t Wait Too Long Before Getting Tested

The law in the State of California has certain limitations from a timing standpoint in which a prospective father in a non-marital relationship can challenge the paternity of a child. Generally speaking, a prospective father has 2 years from the date of the birth of a child to request paternity testing. Sometimes men are uncertain Read More

California Family Law – Courts Award Custody Of Children Based On The “Best Interests Of The Child” Standard.

Judges evaluating child custody cases in California must consider the best interests of the children in reaching a conclusion about how parents will share time with the children. In California family law both parents begin with equal (50-50) rights to the custody of their child or children. The law provides that a judge is not Read More

New Online Parenting After Separation Course

The Judicial Council of California’s website for families and children has a new, free online course available for parents going through separation or divorce. “Parenting After Separation” is a component of the Families Change website ( providing approximately three hours of content that can be accessed directly at The course was developed in response Read More

Timing Is Everything, Or Is It?

Christmas and the holidays come too soon every year. At present, it is still November, and the weather is finally chilling a bit. Nevertheless, Thanksgiving and Christmas are upon us and so are the stressors that go along with the holiday season. The same is true whether you are Christian or non-Christian. The stress has Read More